Search Engine Success Guidelines "Search Engine Success" is a service The Event Shop provides to achieve very high rankings for websites with many of the worlds most popular search engines.The following information fields need to be completed by the stakeholders to determine what keywords they would type into their favourite search engine – in the hope that their site would
come up number one in the search engines results.
Armed with this information we will then determine the following:

  1. how ready your site is to achieve top page results.
  2. the strength of the competition
  3. and the likelihood of success

Initially please exclude your name and brand as keywords (they will be added later). Instead use geographical, business type, service terms e.g.“concert tickets Adelaide” - “venue ticketing Australia” - “Adelaide oval tickets”

Ideally imitate what potential clients would type to find the service/ products you offer. Most keyword sets should be 3 word combinations with a couple of 2 word and 4 word combinations. Alternately record the keyword sets that you would type into a search engine to determine how well we have done our job in providing you with “Search Engine Success”.