Search Engine Submissions - $275.00 inc. GST

Submit site to hundreds of search engines and generate submission report of sites submitted to and the submission status.

The submission process is usually repeated approximately every six weeks (approximately as the rules between search engines vary) for 12 months.

Proper submission is the second most overlooked component of good SEO. Many clients initially think Google is all that matters - but that is only partly valid as Google appears to care what its peers think and how you rank in other search engines. So although indirect the link might be minimal - we call it a "one percenter" -  the difference between a top page listing and page two might only need a small boost eg: a "one percenter"

How did you happen across this page or this site - you probably typed "Adelaide SEO" into a search engine. Next time note the competition for that term in that search engine - its generally published. In the case of Google.AU the competition for "Adelaide SEO" is more than 4 million. Thats a 4 million to ten chance.

Point is - you don't get top ranking for competitive terms in a competitive market without ticking all the boxes, crossing all the '"T's" and dotting all the "I's" - then some.


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