Search Engine Success Package - $385.00 + Success Fees

The Search Engine Success Package includes all services previously mentioned.

1. Search Engine Audit
2. Site Analysis & Keyword Update
3. Search Engine Submission

However, only the Audit ($385.00) is paid for on delivery. All other services are included in the “pay per success fee” which is normally $100 per top page ranking per search engine per agreed keyword set.

I say “normally” because discounts can apply for multiple search engines and multiple keyword sets.

In practice you nominate your “keyword sets” and the search engines you want to achieve top page rankings on.

I then audit those nominated search engines with the keywords supplied and present this data to you. This then becomes the benchmark. This is called the “Search Engine Audit”.

The audit provides the intelligence for strategy and also helps us determine whether we are prepared to accept the assignment on a “per success” (only) fee based strategy.


Duration: Minimum agreement of 6 months
Search Engines: Minimum of one (1) preference for 3 +
3 Keyword Sets: Minimum of one (1) preference for 3

Bulk Discounts and Cappings:

For larger packages monthly and/or yearly capping can apply.
E.G. If you nominate a 10 keyword sets and 10 search engines you can negotiate a bulk discount or have a “per month” and/or “per annum” limit set to minimize exposure. So instead of a potential bill of:

$1000 per month
(10 (Keyword sets) X 10 (nominated search engines) $100 (per top page ranking))

A monthly and/or yearly success fee cap can be negotiated starting from:

$400 per month
and/or $3,000 per annum.

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