A Paradigm Shift.

At Rank Success we believe the modern website consists of 3 distinct and independent layers each requiring separate and specialist input.

We believe the modern website should be designed to accommodate the growing and changing needs of an organisation as much as possible. We see a website like a lego plate - and shopping carts, calendars and booking systems simply Lego blocks that add functionality to your site.

The most important being the company or client information and for this reason we recommend the inclusion of a content management system that allows the client/company to edit most of the information that they would provide to a designer themselves. The 'CMS' empowers the client to input, manage and edit allow 'their' information.

Finally the paradigm shift. Similarly, not only do we see the design competent independent of the content and functionality - we see it as easily upgradeable as changing a skin or cover on a mobile. When you change the look of your phone you don't mess with the functionality or content of your phone. Why cant a website work like that.

It can - that's how we built sites.